Sindbad Membership

Visit and use the Join Sindbad option or download the Omanair app from the Google play store or Apple store and use the join Sindbad option. Enrolment in Sindbad is absolutely free!

Any person above the age of 2 years can join Sindbad. Children between the age of 2 and 18 years of age must be enrolled by their parent or a legal guardian (subject to local laws and regulations).
You may download your digital Sindbad card from the Oman Air app as soon as you enroll.
If you have just moved up to Sindbad Silver or Gold tier, please log in to your account on the Oman Air mobile app and refresh your digital Sindbad card.
Silver and Gold members may use the digital Sindbad card to avail of lounge access, extra baggage allowance, earn miles at partner establishments and more.

Sindbad Benefits
Sindbad members earn miles that can be spent for free flights, flight upgrades, online shopping for a variety of Muscat Duty Free products, exciting raffles, promotions and more. Sindbad has 3 membership tiers. You start as a Sindbad Blue member. The more you fly with Oman Air, the higher your membership tier. Each membership tier is packed with benefits and privileges. Silver and Gold tiers brings exclusive benefits like complimentary upgrade vouchers, lounge access, excess baggage allowance, priority check-in and more.
Airport benefits for Sindbad members are applicable only when travelling on Oman Air operated flights. Airport privileges are not applicable when flying on partner airline or code-share flights that are not operated by Oman Air.

Family account
By setting up a Family account, you can earn miles faster by pooling all the miles earned by your immediate family members in to one account. Whenever a family account member travels, 100% of the miles earned by them will be transferred to the Family head’s account. You may enroll up to eight immediate family members (Father, Mother, Spouse and Children) in your Family account. Whenever they travel, 100% of the Sindbad miles earned by them will get credited directly to the Family Head’s account. Set up a Family account.
Yes, family members can move up to Sindbad Silver and Gold tiers based on their travel on Oman Air. While the Sindbad miles they earn will get transferred to Family Head’s account, the Sindbad Tier miles that they earn will get credited to their individual account.
Yes, you may change (remove or replace) only one member from your Family account in a calendar year. Please contact the Sindbad Service Center at for assistance.
Family members will be issued with individual Sindbad numbers and Sindbad cards. Family members have to earn their Tier based on their individual Oman Air flight activities and qualify for Gold or Silver tier.
They will not automatically qualify as Gold/Silver member based on your tier. No, your family members will not be eligible to use the privileges associated with your Gold or Silver card.
Yes, all they have to do is to download their personalized Sindbad digital card from the Oman Air mobile app.
Yes, Family members will earn Sindbad miles for their spends with our Partners.

Earning Sindbad miles

Yes, as a new member you can claim miles for Oman air flights taken upto 90 days before your date of joining Sindbad. Simply login to your account, select ‘Claim missing miles’, enter your flight details and submit your claim.

You can earn Sindbad miles both in the air and on the ground. Just fly with Oman Air or our Partner airline or transact with any of our global network of Partners. The more Sindbad miles you earn, the more your choices to spend them.
Remember to quote your Sindbad number every time you make a booking, check-in for a flight or transact with any of our Sindbad Partners. Make sure that the name on your ticket matches the name mentioned on your Sindbad account. This will ensure that the miles are automatically credited to your account. You can check the miles balance at any time online on or on your mobile phone by logging into your Sindbad account.
The miles for an Oman Air flight will reflect in your account 24 hours after your flight provided the Sindbad number and name on your ticket is the same as that in your Sindbad account. For automatic credit of flights in your Family member accounts, enter their individual Sindbad number at the time of reservation or check-in.
It may take up to four weeks for a partner activity to appear in your Sindbad account.
A Segment is a flight activity from an origin to a destination. In general terms one boarding pass is equal to one segment. For example, Oman Air flight from Muscat to London covers one segment and London to Muscat would be a second segment.
You can claim miles for missing Oman Air flight activities for up to 6 months after your flight date. Simply log into your Sindbad account, visit the “Claim Missing miles” section and enter the flight details. The miles will be instantly credited to your account provided the name on the ticket exactly matches the name in your Sindbad profile.
You can claim miles for missing partner activities for up to 6 months after your activity date. Simply log into your Sindbad account, visit the “Claim Missing miles” section, select the partner, enter the activity details and upload scanned copy of the payment receipt. Partner claims can also be submitted through the dedicated missing miles claim links on the partner page.
Sindbad miles can only be earned on flights operated by Oman Air or Partner Airlines. Code share flights marketed by Oman Air with WY flight number but operated by another airline are not eligible to earn miles. If in doubt, please contact the Sindbad Service Centre at
Each Tier has its own set of privileges. Please refer to the Sindbad benefits page for details.
On rare occasions due to operational requirements such as cancellation or missed connections, we rebook our guests on another airline. In such instances, you are entitled for the same number of miles that you would have earned on the original itinerary that you had paid for. In order to claim your miles, please send the original Oman Air ticket number and boarding pass copies

Sindbad miles and Tier points?

Sindbad mile is the currency of Sindbad. You will earn Sindbad miles for flights taken on Oman Air and for transactions made with program partners. You can use the Sindbad miles earned for free flights, flight upgrades, raffle tickets and to purchase HiCafe products online from the “My Account” Area. They are your key to exciting Rewards, exclusive privileges and benefits.

The Tier points you earn determine your membership tier in Sindbad. As a member, when you fly with Oman Air, in addition to earning Sindbad miles, you will also earn Tier points. Tier points are earned are absed on zones and depend on the route you fly and the class of travel. Tier points help you to move up the Tier level from Blue to Silver or from Silver to Gold. Tier points are earned only for flights on Oman Air.
Your Sindbad miles are valid for three years from the date of the activity. For example, miles earned for a flight taken on 1st February 2019 are valid until 1st February 2022. The validity of Sindbad miles cannot be extended.
We will do our best to keep you informed about your mileage validity. You can also keep track of your Sindbad miles and use them before their expiry by checking your account on Although your miles must be redeemed before they expire, you can use them to book a flight Reward that is valid for up to 12 months. This means that even if you can’t travel before your miles expire, you can still redeem them now for a future trip or for online purchase of Muscat Duty Free items. However, validity of the expired miles cannot be extended.
Yes, if you are short of miles to claim a reward of choice, you can top up the shortfall using the “buy miles” option. Log into your Sindbad account and select ‘Buy/Transfer miles’ option. On the ‘Buy/Gift/Transfer miles’ page select the number of miles that you want to buy. The applicable charge in US Dollars will be calculated automatically. Proceed with the payment by entering the credit card details. On completion of the transaction your will receive an email confirming the number of miles purchased and amount charged.
You can also Transfer your Sindbad miles to a members account using the Buy/Transfer miles option at a nominal charge of USD 0.020 per mile. Transfer of miles helps your family member of friend to top up miles and claim their Reward ticket faster.
Yes, you can redeem flight Rewards using Sindbad miles for anyone you wish.
To move up to Sindbad Silver Tier you need to earn 500 Tier points and to move up to Gold you will need to earn 1,100 Tier points, both within a consecutive 12 month period.
When you move from Blue to Silver Tier or from Silver to Gold, it will be valid for a period of one year from the date you qualified to move up to the higher Tier. For example, if you reach Sindbad Silver on 17th September 2021, your Silver tier validity date will be 17th September 2022 and the expiry date appearing on your Silver card will be the same.

Spending my Sindbad miles

Visit OmanAir.Com to redeem your miles for a flight Reward. Simply click on the ‘Book’ link, and on ‘Book a Flight’ page pick your destination, cabin class, date, Miles as a payment method and find flights. Sign in to your account and follow the easy steps to receive your ticket by email.

Yes, you can redeem your miles for one-way flight tickets.
No. flight Rewards are exclusive of tax, fees and charges. You will have to pay them at the time of issuing or reissuing your ticket.
Yes. Some countries, for example: United Kingdom, impose additional taxes or charges when you travel in a higher class. The difference in taxes will be collected from you at the time of upgrade of your booking with miles.
There is no limit to the number of changes you can make to your booking; however, service charges will apply to each change.
Yes. You are entitled to all the benefits of the class of travel to which you have upgraded. These include extra baggage allowance of 2 bags, up to a total weight of 60 kg, priority baggage delivery on arrival at your destination and airport lounge access.
Please note that the fare conditions of your original ticket continue to apply at all times. For example, if there are any fees or charges applicable to your original ticket, these will continue to apply even after upgrading with miles.
No, Sindbad miles will be credited based on the type of fare initially purchased prior to the upgrade with miles.
Credit card information is required in order to cover the government taxes and airport charges levied on all ticket purchases, including those purchased with Sindbad miles.

Spending my miles for ‘Hi-Café’ cakes

To order a cake, login to your Sindbad account, go to the “Spend your Miles” option and select the ‘Hi-Café’ tab. Choose your preferred cake from a spread of over 10 original cake flavours, redeem your miles and submit your order online. You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been accepted.
This redemption option is available only in Muscat city in Oman.

Login to your Sindbad account and check out our different types of cakes on the ‘Spend your miles’ page. Arabic Date Cake, Red Velvet and Vanilla Cake, Pecan Nut Parfait, Chocolate and Passion Fruit Fudge Cake, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Crunch, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Lychee / Vanilla Raspberry Cake, Honey Caramel Brownie are the most popular flavours.
The standard cake weight is 1 Kg. The base diameter of any round-shaped cake is approx. 20 cm and it is placed on a cake board.
The number of Sindbad miles required to be redeemed for a Hi-Café cake varies by cake flavour and designs. It starts from as low as 2,400 miles and goes up to 3,600 miles.
Payment must be made via Sindbad miles redemption only. Nevertheless, you can always buy top-up miles using our ‘Buy Miles’ feature and redeem them.
You may book your order up to 7 days before the collection date. However, you need to order at least 1 days in advance. Please note the delivery times below.
Order Deadline Delivery time
Previous day 0000 - 1200 hours Next day, at any time after 0700 hours
Previous day 1201 - 2400 hours Next day, at any time after 1200 hours
More than 1 day before Day of collection, at any time after 0700 hours.
Regrettably, it is not possible to write a personalized message on the cake.
You can choose any of the following locations in Muscat at the time of ordering your request. Please check the location map for your convenient pickup point.
Collection Point Working Days Working Hours Location (Google map)
1- TRANSOM All DAYS 24 Hours New Catering Unit
2 - Caffa Café SUN to THU 0800 – 1500 Crew Reporting Building
The best way to contact us is via email – Sindbad@OmanAir.Com. Before you come for pickup, feel free to call the relevant pickup point. The number will be informed in your order confirmation.
At this time delivery option is not available.
There are no refunds for any cancellation or no-shows.
No, you cannot change the order once it is placed.
Hi-Café cakes are freshly baked every day.
Hi-Café cakes are best eaten within 2 days from collection.

Using my Sindbad Vouchers

Login to your account, click on the 'Upgrade reward' tab under 'Spend your miles' option to view the details of the vouchers awarded to you.
Select the voucher you wish to use, update the ticket details of the beneficiary and submit your request.
If the seat is available, the Upgrade will be confirmed within 3 working days and you will be notified by Sindbad Service Centre team.
Additional taxes applicable, if any, will have to be paid at the time of reissue of the ticket. Your ticket with confirmed booking in Business Class will be emailed to you on completion of above process to the email registered in your account.

Junior Sindbad Flyer

Junior Sindbad Flyer is a loyalty program targeted at our younger passengers i.e. children between the ages of 4 and 12 years. As a part of this program, children travelling on Oman Air will be given a passport on board, in which they have to fill in their details and get it stamped by the captain every time they travel on Oman Air. When they have collected 10 stamps, they can exchange the passport for a free ticket in Economy Class to any Oman Air destination.

Junior Sindbad Flyer is specially designed for our younger passengers between the ages of 4-12 years (at the time of receiving their passports)
Every time a Junior Sindbad Flyer travels on Oman Air they need to give their passport to the Captain and get it stamped. On collection of 10 stamps (ie; 10 flights to any Oman Air destination) which should be within 2 years of the first flight, the Junior Sindbad Flyer become eligible for a free ticket.
To claim for free ticket please submit the Junior Sindbad Flyer passport with the stamps to the nearest Oman Air ticketing office. The Junior Sindbad Flyer has to be accompanied by one of the parents at the time of the ticketing. Oman Air Staff will check the passport entries. On successful verification a return Economy Class ticket will be issued for the Junior Sindbad Flyer to any Oman Air destination of his/her choice. (Any taxes, fees and surcharges applicable to the ticket will have to be paid at the time of ticketing transaction).
Once a ticket is issued, the passport will be voided and a new one will be issued on the Junior Sindbad Flyer’s next flight upon request.
Yes, existing Sindbad members can join the Junior Sindbad Flyer programme. All you have to do is request a Junior Sindbad Flyer passport during your next flight on Oman Air. Also remember to enter your Sindbad number in the form attached to the passport.
No, it is not possible to reclaim any missing flight retroactively.
No, the ticket requested has to be in the name of the Junior Sindbad Flyer.
You may request an additional passport on completion of your current passport either onboard or through the Sindbad service center.
You can request for a new passport. You have to start collecting the stamps again. We cannot stamp for past flights.

Sindbad Digital Membership Card

Yes, soon after you have joined Sindbad, you can login to your account and download your digital membership card from the Sindbad website or Oman Air’s mobile App.
You can download your Sindbad card through the Oman Air mobile app as follows:

  • Download the Oman Air mobile app from the Android or Apple store on your mobile device.
  • Log-in to your Sindbad account.
  • Click on the download digital card.
  • Save it to your device’s photo library for quick access to your card.

Print / save your digital Sindbad card now or access My Account As a Sindbad member, you no longer need to have a physical membership card to enjoy the benefits of membership. Simply quote your Sindbad number, show your digital Sindbad card to continue enjoying your privileges, earning and redeeming Sindbad miles.

Digital cards are convenient and easy to use, they are on your mobile phone and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and above all they are eco-friendly! We encourage all members to download their digital cards on their mobile devices for a convenient and responsible travel experience.
Yes, digital Sindbad cards are available to members of all tiers. What’s more, your tier changes are reflected on your card instantly. All you have to do is refresh your card to get the new tier membership card on your phone!
Your digital Sindbad card contains your membership information:
  • Name
  • Sindbad number
  • Membership Tier
  • Card validity where applicable,Blue cards do not expire
  • Bar Code which you can use for check-in and Muscat duty free
*Bar code (contains your Name, Tier level and Tier expiry)